Lawrenceville, GA Storm Damage Clean Up

The South and GA are known for harsh storms. Spring and fall usually create the most dangerous storms like tornadoes, tropical storms and thunderstorms. If your residence or commercial space is dealt severe storm damage, it can be hard to know how to move on. The emergency professionalsat Paul Davis serve the Lawrenceville area with quick response times and thorough repairs.

Storm Damage Clean Up Contractor

Paul Davis Emergency Services specialists have helped locals with storm damage repair after dangerous storms in Lawrenceville. Our team is here all day, every day for first response help and estimates on storm damage. Whether the damage is major or minor, you can call our certified restoration professionals to restore your home or business. We help with the claims process and offer damage repair estimates. Paul Davis performs storm damage repair for these kinds of events:

Wind Damage

All over the Southeast and in Lawrenceville, tornadoes can leave millions of dollars in damage. These strong gusts can level trees and electricity hookups and result in additional problems. The tornado damage to your home alone may include torn siding, broken windows, ripped shingles and even whole walls. Trees and vehicles aren’t even safe in serious wind storms. If you want a quote for tornado damage, contact the contractors from Paul Davis of Lawrenceville.

Water Damage

It’s easy to take water for granted because we use it so often, but water damage can be a seriously destructive force to your home or business. When floods strike, water can damage structures, walls, fabrics and create mold growth if abandoned. After a flash flood, you may find damage to your driveway, leftover mud and silt in your home, shrapnel around your home and sewage issues. Paul Davis has contractors to remove water damage, find out more on our page.

Hurricane Damage

With the most dangerous components of strong winds and heavy rainfall combined, hurricanes can be devastating. While tropical storms range in strength, these storms can be strong enough to damage buildings, uproot landscaping and move vehicles. Paul Davis of Lawrenceville performs estimates for storm damage after hurricanes.

Hailstone Damage

Ice and hail is a normal part of winter around the South. At its most intense, large hailstones can shatter glass, warp and crack siding which leads to permanent damage. Paul Davis are prepared to assist you with repairing your home 24/7.