What to Expect After a Storm

Damage caused by severe storms can be serious for your home or store, and repairing it can be a complex undertaking. To get the damage fixed quickly and safely, you need a restoration service company that specializes in bringing your property back to pre-storm conditions. Our team is here for you.

Get through the storm, and then take a look at the aftermath. Read the information below for more.

Insurance for Storm Damage

How much you get from insurance depends on things like how much you pay in premiums and deductibles, the extent of damage, the previous condition of the property and more.

Most severe storm damage events are considered acts of God, which means that your insurance company can’t single you out for rate increases. That said, failing to file claims in a timely manner can make you ineligible for coverage, and entire neighborhoods can be subject to rate increases following major weather events. Don’t delay and always file claims right away so you don’t end up with no payout but higher premiums.

Storm Damage Scenarios

  • Water Damage: Flood water can ruin foundations, ruin drywall, carpet and framing, lead to mold growth and much more.
  • Tropical Storm and Tornado Damage: Circular winds can wreak havoc on your home or business, like catastrophic damage to roofs, windows, siding and landscaping.
  • Damage from Wind Storms: This can damage structures, lead to broken windows, damage landscaping and power grids and cause other problems.
  • Hail Storm Aftermath: Major hail storms can bend and crack shingles and siding, and that can mean roof leaks and compounding structural damage.
  • Winter Storms: Blizzards can cause collapsed roofs, lead to broken trees and electricity poles, and much more.

Hire a Professional Damage and Remediation Professional

Danger is high after a storm, and a professional contractor can help you with repairs in a safe, efficient way. Contact us today.