Common Symptoms of Household Mold – Get a quote from our mold damage remediation contractor

Mold plays a pivotal part in nature, but can be a nuisance in your house. There are many species that happily live in homes. A majority of these molds love dark, moist regions in your house like inside walls or floors or hidden regions of your bathroom. Thankfully, these types of mold are typically easy to ignore, however a tiny patch can spread throughout your home. Mold procreates using spores freed into the air and causes problems when inhaled by those with allergies or respiratory issues. Hire an affordable mold damage remediation company.

Household mold or mildew are harmless for most people, but can hurt those with pulmonary conditions. Overall, the concentration of mold and degree of a person’s allergies will effect their reaction. Sneezing, runny nose, red eyes and other cold-like symptoms are most often experienced with mold and mildew allergies, making it hard to target the problem accurately. More severe allergies can cause harsh reactions like difficulty breathing. Anyone with asthma should be particularly cautious near high concentrations of mold as it can cause asthma attacks. Other sensitive groups at risk include:

  • Infants and toddlers
  • Seniors
  • Those with a weak immune system
  • People with severe pulmonary disease

Home Treatments for Mold

Thankfully, there are measures you can take throughout your house to kill and avoid mold and mildew. Block mold from your house completely by regularly cleaning your air conditioning tray, sealing and adding insulation to outside areas. Mold grows in wet areas of your house, like laundry rooms or crawlspaces, so frequently cleaning these regions can help more than you’d know. Mold does best in warm, damp environments, so implementing a dehumidifier around your house will dry out the area, making it uninhabitable for mold.

Our team recommends looking for trained mold repair from Paul Davis Restoration. Getting help from a qualified specialist will restore your house to normal, so you can take preventative measures in the future. Get a quote from a mold damage remediation company.

Affordable Mold Damage Repair Quotes

At Paul Davis, our professionals are qualified to make sure that harmful spores and mold growths are gone fast, safely and completely. We perform affordable quotes for great mold removal services for homes and businesses earning us a national reputation.

The Paul Davis staff performs affordable quotes for 24/7 emergency response and get to your home within hours of your call. We’re trained to use state-of-the-art tools that removes and cleans the area the mold touched. We send our discreet contents cleaners and perimeter containment, as well as deep cleaning and odor treatment when we remove the problem. Paul Davis goes that extra mile to assist you and your family after mold repair, so we also work with your insurer during the claims process. If you believe your house has mold or has sustained mold damage, connect with the mold repair experts with Paul Davis Restoration. Call our team for an affordable quote today!