What to Expect After a Storm

Mother Nature is impossible to predict, and some storms can cause serious damage to your property. Our damage repair service can fix your home or business, getting it back to pre-loss condition in no time. Our local technicians know our weather and its hazards and how to get everything back to normal.

Get through the storm, and then take a look at the damage. Read on for more.

Storm Damage Insurance

How much you get from insurance depends on policy specifics, the severity of harm to your property, your property’s condition and more.

To get the biggest possible payout from insurance, keep track of damage or take photos of the damage immediately. Then, get in touch with your insurance agent and have an assessor come out. Then, get in touch with a repair company.

Storm Damage Scenarios

  • Winter Storms: This can collapse roofs, lead to broken trees and electricity poles, and more.
  • Hail Damage: This can cause shingle and siding damage, and that can mean roof leaks and compounding damage.
  • Flood Damage: Flood water can seep into foundations, ruin structures and possessions inside, lead to mold growth and cause other problems.
  • Damage from Wind Storms: This can rip off siding, shingles and even whole roofs, destroy glass, wreak havoc on trees and electricity hookups and cause other problems.
  • Tropical Storm and Tornado Damage: Circular winds can wreak havoc on your home or business, like catastrophic damage to siding, roofs, landscaping and more.

Seek Out an Experienced Storm Repair Team

Damaged properties are often dangerous, and hiring a professional contractor can help you with repairs in a safe, efficient way. Call us right away.